Жесткий диск SAS 2TB 7200RPM 12GB/S 128MB MG04SCA20EE TOSHIBA

Жесткий диск SAS 2TB 7200RPM 12GB/S 128MB MG04SCA20EE TOSHIBA

Код товара:542243
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Объем буферной памяти:128
Габариты:13 × 4 × 17.5 см
Parameter Level:3
Интерфейс. Наличие SAS:Да
Вес без упаковки:0.65
Объем накопителя на жестком диске:2TB
Среднее время доступа, чтение:8.50
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9 870 Р0 Р

The up to 6TB Enterprise Capacity HDD models (MG04SCAxxEx) come in a robust design with 3.5-inch form factor and performance of 7,200 rpm.
Features of MG04SCAxxEx include 12 Gbit/s SAS interface, Toshiba persistent write cache technology, industry-standard 4K native (4Kn) and 512e Advanced Format sector technologies for optimum performance in the latest generation of servers and storage systems.

While 4Kn models (MG04SCAxxEA) offer optimum performance and compatibility with 4K applications, the support for legacy applications and operating environments that require 512B sector lengths is provided by 512e models (MG04SCAxxEE).

Model options supporting Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) are also available. This feature may help to protect data from unintended disclosure in the event that drives are re-purposed or moved outside of data center environments.


Объем буферной памяти
Parameter Level
Интерфейс. Наличие SAS
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Объем накопителя на жестком диске
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